Humpack Whale tail, Ha'apai, Tonga

Our whale watching trips depart at 9am from the main wharf in Pangai.

During the morning we will give you a briefing on the trip, whale behaviour and swimming with the whales while we start our search for the Humpbacks. Depending on the course of the day, we will have lunch at anchor on our spacious boat "Moana", which will allow you to snorkel at one of Ha'apai's wonderful coral reefs, or on the beach on one of the many islands. The afternoon will be spent looking for more whales before we make our way back home around 3-4pm.


Our approach

As a fully licensed operator in Ha'apai, we can take you swimming with Tonga's Humpback Whales and we strive to make it happen on every trip. However, it is good to realise that the whales are wild animals and you will be observing them in their natural environment. Swimming may or may not be possible depending on the whales' behaviour, their reaction to us and the weather conditions.

We are only visitors in their realm and their welfare is one of our primary concerns, so we always adopt a precautionary approach during our encounters. If the whales show signs of being disturbed, we cease contact and continue our search for whales that are more tuned in to interacting with us.

That being said, our experience with the whales combined with our careful approach technique usually result in exhilarating in-water encounters that leave our guests with unforgettable whale moments in Ha'apai.


For prices, please refer to the "Rates" page. Any more questions? Feel free to send us an email.

Snorkeler with Humpback, Ha'apai, Tonga
Curious Humpback calf, Ha'apai, Tonga
Humpback mother and calf, Ha'apai, Tonga
Lunch on the boat
Coral reef, Ha'apai, Tonga
Humpback calf, Ha'apai, Tonga
Humpback headstand, Ha'apai, Tonga
Humpback's fluke, Ha'apai, Tonga
Manta Ray, Ha'apai, Tonga
Humpback mother and breaching calf, Ha'apai, Tonga