Ha'apai Island

Getting to Tonga

Air New Zealand flies from New Zealand, Australia and London (via Los Angeles).
Pacific Blue and Virgin Blue fly from New Zealand and Australia.
Air Pacific flies from Australia, Fiji and Los Angeles.


Getting to Ha'apai

Real Tonga flies from Tongatapu to Ha'apai Monday to Saturday. You´re best advised to take a taxi from international to domestic terminal in Tongatapu.


Once a week, the MV Otuanga'ofa (The Friendly Islands) takes you from Tongatapu to Ha'apai in 8-10 hours and costs around T$55 one way.


Getting to us

Our dive base and accommodation is located at the former Niua Kalo Beach Hotel on Lifuka Island, half-way between Pangai and the airport. It just takes 5 minutes by bike, 15 minutes on foot or 2 minutes by car to get there from town.


Available services in Pangai

The Westpac Bank in the centre does NOT have an ATM, but you can get money with Traveller Cheques or Credit Card during opening hours from 9am to 4pm. Don´t forget to bring your passport for identification!


Furthermore, there is a post office, a bookshop and a few shops for provisions as well as two bakeries and a few BBQ stands. Bicycles can be hired at our divebase and taxis are also available. Current (one way) fares are T$10 to the airport and T$5 around town.


Useful links

Here are some more links that might help you with planning your trip or just give you some extra information on Diving, Marine Conservation and the beautiful Kingdom of Tonga.



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Marine Conservation

Sea Shepherd - Conservation society
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IFAW - International Fund for Animal Welfare
MMCTA - Marine Mammal Conservation through The Arts
WDCS - Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society
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