Coral reef for snorkeling Ha'apai

Even if you are not a scuba diver you can enjoy the beauty of Ha'apai's underwater world on an off-shore snorkeling trip. Whether you want to go on a dedicated snorkeling trip or join our scuba divers on the boat, we will make sure you get to see some of the nicest reefs around our waters with pristine coral and colorful fishes.


Alternatively you can hire fins, mask and snorkel and explore the reefs close to shore on your own terms. Ask us for recommendations.

For prices, please refer to the "Rates" page.


Ha'apai's Manta Rays

We have discovered a reef that Manta Rays occasionally come to for feeding. If you are interested in taking a trip there, please contact us for further information.

Arc-eye Hawkfish
Longnose Filfish
Manta Rays Ha'apai, Tonga