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Scuba diving in Tonga, and particularly Ha'apai, is known for superb coral reefs, diverse topography and a big variety of fish life. With coral sea mounts, overhangs, tunnels, swimthroughs, drop-offs and even a few caves there is something for divers of all interests and experience levels. To learn more about our dive sites in Ha'apai, please visit our "Dive sites" page. For prices, please refer to the "Rates" page.


Besides common reef fish like Parrot-, Butterfly- Clown-, Angel- and Triggerfish you can - among others - also see Wrasses, Groupers, Snappers, Sweetlips, Trumpet- and Lionfish. Bigger pelagics like Barracuda, Tuna, Whitetip or Grey Reef Sharks as well as Eagle and Sting Rays, Batfish, Turtles, Seasnakes and Leopard Sharks are at home in Ha'apai, too. Lucky ones may even cross paths with a Great Hammerhead Shark, a Manta Ray or between July and October a Humpback Whale. Critter hunters and photographers will also not be disappointed with a variety of nudibranchs, Pipefish, Longnose Hawkfish, Scorpionfish, crabs and shrimps. Pacific Spinner Dolphins also make occasional approaches to the boat.


Diving with Fins 'n' Flukes

The pace of life in Tonga is supremely relaxed. We love to take that pace onto the boat with us and, even more importantly, under the water on our long, slow dives. We dive in small groups of up to four divers per guide and our dives normally last in excess of an hour. We never rush our divers on the boat or in the water and we do not impose time limits on your dive time; your personal air consumption, temperature tolerance and maximum bladder capacity are the only limits. We do not impose fuel surcharges for single divers or off-shore trips.

We dive to a maximum depth of 30 meters keeping profiles within no-deco limits and our dive plans are always tailored to meet the experience levels and desires of our guests.


Diving climate in Tonga

Diving is possible all year round in Tonga. Water temperature in Ha'apai is at its highest in March reaching 28°C (82°F) and drops to a low of 21°C (70°F) during August when the Humpback Whales arrive. Visibility doesn’t vary much throughout the year with anything below 20 meters being uncommon and 30 meters plus as the norm.

Anemone Shrimp
Siboga Trinchesa
Emperor Angelfish
Coral reef Ha'apai